You pay for the subscription once without the obligation to renew. If you want to end your adventure with SWOT Maker, you simply do not pay for another month of access.

The annual subscription guarantees you uninterrupted access to the system for 12 months. It is not obligatory, so if you want to check how SWOT Maker works, first test it for free to decide which subscription form is best for you.

Private Type

Only you as the owner see this analysis. It is not possible to share or publicly display the results. But you can change the analysis type to one that includes your subscription at any time.

Business Type

You can provide a business-type analysis by specifying the user e-mail address. A person who registers in the system and has your invitation will be able to see all stages of the analysis, as well as to interfere by adding new phrases and evaluating them. A team member cannot delete brainstorm items added by the analysis owner or other team members. The effect of the work of each team member is included in the final stage of the summary.

Public Type

The public type of analysis is the one that will be displayed on the list of logged in and not logged in to the system. It will be available to everyone only as a result of the analysis. A user who has an account in the system will be able to participate only in one stage of the analysis - that is, in defining the significance of factors. Public analysis does not allow participation in the brainstorming stage, nor in the confrontation stage.

Please visit the change history section available in the section: Timeline.

The trial period is completely free and allows you to test almost all the possibilities of the portal. There are some quantitative limitations and exclusions for analysis types, but the mechanism itself is fully functional.

  • Making your lists too long. Ask yourself if your ideas are feasible as you go along.
  • Being vague. Be specific to provide more focus for later discussions.
  • Not seeing weaknesses. Be sure to ask customers and colleagues what they experience in real life.
  • Not thinking ahead. It is easy to come up with nice ideas without taking them through to their logical conclusion. Always consider their practical impact.
  • Being unrealistic. Do not plan in detail for opportunities that do not exist yet. For example, that export market you have been eyeing may be available at some point, but the trade negotiations to open it up could take years.
  • Relying on SWOT Analysis alone. SWOT Analysis is valuable. But when you use it alongside other planning tools (SOAR, TOWS or PEST), the results will be more vigorous.
And now you know why it is good to start working with SWOT Maker

Feature available

OpenAI Integration
brainstorming assisted by artificial intelligence, enter the website address and see the effect of the algorithm, prices monitoring
swotmaker.com integration with OpenAI
Create and Manage SWOT analysis
Automatic analysis processing from brainstorming to final results.
Public, private or business type of SWOT analysis
Choose the standard in which you want to perform the analysis
eCommerce engine integration
for PrestaShop, Shopify
Omnibus Prices Sensitivity Monitoring
ex: customers loyalty, sale analysis, prices monitoring
eCommerce sales analysis
ex: customers loyalty, sale analysis, prices monitoring
eCommerce analysis to PDF
Quick download of complex report in PDF file
Dynamic data analysis online overview
You can filter and search data inside dynamic data tables
CRM Features on board
Record contact with the customer and moderate the sales opportunity while creating factors for SWOT.
Creating a sales funnel for SaaS
Define potential sales values and forecast cash flow. Manage your current sales funnel.
PDF Reports
All key threads have a built-in module for generating elegant reports in a PDF file.

List of the most popular functionalities

Feature Paid Trial
Subscription Monthly, Yearly, Periodical 1 days free
eCommerce sales analysis
API Integration Shopify
API Integration PrestaShop
Dynamic data analysis overview
Complex PDF Report to download
Create and Manage SWOT analysis
Brainstorm stage processing
Relevance stage processing
The stage of confronting the factors (SWOT, TOWS)
Limiting the analysis to a specific priority level (SWOT, TOWS)
SWOT Summary Report (PDF, Screen)
Possibility to create private analyzes
Possibility to share analysis with the team
Possibility to share the analysis with the public
Possibility to create public analyzes
Possibility to share analysis with the team
Possibility to share the analysis with the public
Possibility to create business analyzes
Possibility to share analysis with the team
Possibility to share the analysis with the public
Ability to interact with another users business analysis
Access to CRM functions
Adding a client or project as a sales opportunity
Defining features for a client or project
ex: Name, Status, Forecast, Client Value, Chance to win, Select Income Type, Periodical Income, Notes.
Change history registration
An extensive report with a summary of current data
Revenue simulation
Revenue included in the context of the percentage of the sales opportunity
Managerial summary in one PDF file
Sharing and interacting with the team
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