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VAT ID: PL 5311547536
REGON: 525189873

Let me develop your comprehensive SWOT Analysis.

Consulting on-demand

If your schedule is demanding or if you are seeking a structured approach to your businesss strategic analysis, my expertise is at your service. With a track record of over 500 meticulously conducted analyses across a spectrum of clients and sectors, including leveraging swotmakers advanced capabilities, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. I propose an in-depth one-hour consultation to delve into your projects specifics. Post-consultation, I will meticulously craft a tailored SWOT analysis and Business Model Canvas, complemented by strategic recommendations driven by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, ensuring a comprehensive roadmap for your businesss trajectory.

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Artificial intelligence will start the SWOT analysis.
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Understanding the Business Model Canvas: A Comprehensive Overview.
Discover the Business Model Canvas: A dynamic blueprint transforming ideas into strategic success, dissecting each elements crucial role for entrepreneurs.
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SWOT Analysis as a main topic
What are the benefits of using a swotmaker for SWOT analysis?
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Built-in CRM functionalities.
How do CRM mechanisms complement each other with SWOT analysis?