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SWOT Analysis as a main topic
What are the benefits of using a swotmaker for SWOT analysis?
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Built-in CRM functionalities.
How do CRM mechanisms complement each other with SWOT analysis?
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Tools for eCommerce.
API integration with ecommerce systems. For what purpose?
How would you like to use swotmaker?
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Feature available

OpenAI Integration
brainstorming assisted by artificial intelligence, enter the website address and see the effect of the algorithm, prices monitoring integration with OpenAI
Create and Manage SWOT analysis
Automatic analysis processing from brainstorming to final results.
Public, private or business type of SWOT analysis
Choose the standard in which you want to perform the analysis
eCommerce engine integration
for PrestaShop, Shopify
Omnibus Prices Sensitivity Monitoring
ex: customers loyalty, sale analysis, prices monitoring
eCommerce sales analysis
ex: customers loyalty, sale analysis, prices monitoring
eCommerce analysis to PDF
Quick download of complex report in PDF file
Dynamic data analysis online overview
You can filter and search data inside dynamic data tables
CRM Features on board
Record contact with the customer and moderate the sales opportunity while creating factors for SWOT.
Creating a sales funnel for SaaS
Define potential sales values and forecast cash flow. Manage your current sales funnel.
PDF Reports
All key threads have a built-in module for generating elegant reports in a PDF file.