Do you need to develop an analysis of an idea, project or business?
Join swotmaker! and check how easy it can be.
You will create your analysis in three steps, and in each of them you can use the help of artificial intelligence. By entering a short description, the AI will provide input for your analysis. You can modify it by adding your knowledge. You can also invite your team to collaborate. The entire process will take no longer than a few minutes. The result will be an advanced report with a recommended action strategy.
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Complex SWOT

Do full analysis including strategy recommendation. Do an analysis, not just a SWOT list. - read more

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Start with an idea.

Describe your idea and our AI will show you its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. - read more

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Canvas Model

Your idea will also be the basis for the automatic development of the Canvas Business Model. - read more

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"The Show"

Artificial intelligence will also create a "Pitch Deck" supported by the story-telling technique. - try it now!

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Final Report

You can download the entire analysis in a PDF file prepared especially for you. - watch the movie

Become a premium user with access to all functionalities.

Possibility to create multiple SWOT analyses.


Access for a specified period of time, without the need to extend it.


Unlimited number of registered ideas.

Artificial intelligence support at every stage of analysis.

Possibility to invite other people to co-create the analysis.

Pay with
30 days
50.00 USD
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The future of your professional career

Plan your development. Look at your strengths and capabilities. See what circumstances are worth paying attention to. You will receive a suggested action plan from us..

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Business project analysis

Strategy in 5 minutes? Yes, it is possible thanks to interaction with artificial intelligence. Describe your project and thanks to SWOT and Canvas analysis, you will obtain a recommended strategy.

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GPT prompts enriched with an original Swotmaker algorithm.

Swotmaker collaborates with GPT at three key stages of analysis. Firstly, it crafts a SWOT and Canvas list tailored to your idea or project. The second stage involves the execution of SWOT and TOWS analysis, a task seamlessly outsourced to AI. The third stage presents an opportunity to seek recommendations from the AI, drawing upon the wealth of information gathered.

Who Can Benefit from

  • Entrepreneurs and Startups: Leverage Swotmaker to analyze and refine business ideas, ensuring a strategic approach from the outset.
  • Project Managers: Streamline the analysis process by entrusting SWOT and TOWS assessments to Swotmaker, saving time and gaining valuable insights.
  • Consultants: Enhance consulting services with the power of AI-driven analysis, providing clients with comprehensive and data-driven strategies.
  • Decision-makers: Receive tailored recommendations from Swotmaker based on thorough analyses, aiding in informed decision-making.
  • Innovation Teams: Foster creativity and innovation by utilizing Swotmaker to assess and optimize new concepts and projects.
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Artificial intelligence will start the SWOT analysis.
Explore the possibilities of combining OpenAI and SWOT Maker
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Understanding the Business Model Canvas: A Comprehensive Overview.
Discover the Business Model Canvas: A dynamic blueprint transforming ideas into strategic success, dissecting each elements crucial role for entrepreneurs.
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SWOT Analysis as a main topic
What are the benefits of using a swotmaker for SWOT analysis?
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Built-in CRM functionalities.
How do CRM mechanisms complement each other with SWOT analysis?