Do you wonder who we are?

It all started with moving. Along with the view from behind the window, our entire reality has changed, as well as the way we began to perceive this reality. The daily route we traveled to our new job, our sons new school and our daughters new kindergarten also changed.And when we picked them up from there, we noticed that they too were no longer what they used to be, they were changed by a new reality. They coped as best they could, they had their successes, but they also noticed that there were issues with which they could not keep up with the group, because in their previous institution it was not there, they did not change it, they were doing something completely different or they were doing the same thing, but in a completely different way.

It was the same with us. I will run here, but I will stumble over this, I will shine in this, but it will dim me here - I still have to work on it. The organization of the so-called new life is a huge challenge and at the same time an excellent exercise for the brain accustomed to the routine.

It is the same with business - when you think it is going to be downhill, a pebble, a stone suddenly falls under the wheels of your car, and maybe you are even pushed off the track by some boulder falling in an avalanche. To drive stably, you have to look far and see well, anticipate the facts and never pretend, especially to yourself, that there are no problems.

Moving was an inspiration to create the SWOT Maker system and the first analysis we performed concerned our household. Thanks to this, we have mapped the road, we know where the congestion is and which is the best way to go around it.

If you take your business seriously, we dont have to persuade you to use the system. You were probably glad that you found out about its existence and now everything can be done cheaper, simpler and faster.

Good luck!
Alan & Aleksandra

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