Built-in CRM functionalities.

CRM is a popular group of customer relationship management systems. SWOT Maker may be such a tool for you, but rather for individual use. If you run a start-up and develop your business, or conduct commercial activities and want to have access to the history of activity even after the termination of cooperation with the employer - SWOT Maker is the right tool.

CRM elements work in some synergy with the SWOT analysis process, because in the course of working with the client there are factors that should be noted in order to come back to them later. And would not it be worthwhile to immediately place these factors on the squares of the brainstorming as a strength or a weakness? So lets start by highlighting the features you might like.

  1. Customer registration for specific analysis. If your product is dedicated to different groups of recipients, define these groups by creating a separate analysis.
  2. To speed up the characterization of the client, enter his website address. Swot maker - will automatically analyze the content of the clients website by downloading his logotype, description and e-mail addresses!
  3. Prepare an e-mail template with the content you want to interest the customer. Plan when the message is to be sent to him.
  4. Record the history of activity with the client. Moderate your status and potential income. Swot maker will make a sales funnel report for you, which you can download as an elegant pdf document or analyze it on-line.
  5. In the meantime, collect information about the strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats that result from your conversations with the client.

Unique functionalities, combinations of which you will not find in any other system. Quickly and very agile you will focus on your activities without wasting time building intricate descriptions and reports.

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