A few words about SWOT Maker.

The SWOT analysis is not just a brainstorming and a list of points assigned to the appropriate section.Using the SWOT Maker system even with very basic theoretical knowledge, you will create a professional analysis!

SWOT Maker is the tool you have been missing so far when creating business analysis. While working on excel sheets, you have certainly noticed that they have a few basic limitations, such as the fact that they are not flexible enough and one change, e.g. shifting the factor from Strength to Opportunity or Threat , can overturn the remaining pieces of the puzzle. First things first…

The SWOT analysis is a material to which you should systematically return and, most importantly, modify its factors depending on the changing circumstances. Variables appearing over time can significantly affect the recommendation of the strategy, and thus the steps and actions that should be taken in the further process of building your business.

Group SWOT analysis

It is worth remembering that it is good to involve colleagues at all stages of the SWOT analysis. Their different perspective on certain issues makes the final result more realistic. But taking into account the opinions of more people, we usually encounter the basic difficulty, which is the lack of perfect timing. The analysis is done incrementally, instead of agile, and every change in the assessment or the addition of another factor affects the next steps. Therefore, if we engage a team of several people, we usually return to the same activity several times, looking for something new.

SWOT Maker organizes the whole process, involving many people at the same time to analyze the same thread. Each performed analysis has its own leader who can restrict other participants from introducing modifications in selected areas.

Private SWOT

Reflections on ones own strengths and weaknesses usually arise spontaneously, at various times. SWOT Maker allows you to quickly, e.g. from your phone, complete your personal profile and update your strategy. SWOT Maker can support your development in many areas of your life.

SWOT Guide

The guide mechanism is built into the system, thanks to which virtually anyone is able to easily go through the entire process of creating an analysis.

Summary and Reporting

SWOT Maker instantly generates a PDF file with the analysis report for you, and also allows you to work faster and more efficiently: when you change even one parameter, the change will immediately appear in the final report.

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